Treasury Consulting

Learn about our approach to Consulting and Advisory Services

When one talks about consulting, it is often thought that the content will be delivered in opaque, abstract dimensions, where value is hard to define, measure and justify. SafeFin follows a deliberate practical approach, delivering “Treasury Excellence” through the simple and methodical application of experience, competence and professionalism.

By fully understanding the challenge, SafeFin’s experienced staff will work with you to determine realistic, implementable solutions that have the twin impact of improving treasury operations and providing tangible benefits to the organization.

Once the solutions have been defined and documented, SafeFin will act as your “right-hand” to ensure the required change is adopted and implemented to the benefit of the business.

Our skills

Treasury Policy

A strong, well-run treasury function, starts with an equally strong policy. By defining the business’ appetite for risk and in house tolerances to external influences, we will help you develop clear policy guidelines.

Capital Strategy

Raising funds without a strategy can be a recipe for disaster. A strategy that limits debt raising to tolerable, manageable levels will allow any business room to manoeuver through uncertain economic cycles safe in the knowledge that their financing needs can always be met.

Working Capital

Working capital management keeps your liquidity flowing, your debtors low and your bills paid on time. Let us show you how to keep an eye out for red flags and to understand and manage the unique working capital cycle of your business.

General treasury consulting

Need help articulating exactly why investors should choose your business? The skills of a seasoned negotiator can make an enormous difference to your relationships with banks, ratings agencies and debt and equity investors. Our specialist can also assist you with refinance or loans and the set up and review of banking arrangements.