Treasury Outsourcing & Consulting

Outsourcing your treasury needs.

Why Us?

Safefin’s outsourcing services, coupled with well-trained professionals on treasury matters and a robust treasury management system can only strengthen our position as your treasury partner. The team in place has all the necessary skills and business acumen to help you in designing, managing and operating the best of breed in corporate treasuries.

We provide a full integrated and complimentary extension services to our client’s finance team at a fraction of the cost of managing their treasury department and system.​

We pride ourselves in the service that we provide in terms of serving our clients with the latest technology in providing relevant database, processing, communication and full control over the finances online.​

The client’s database is secured and transparent and can only be accessed through authentication. This way the client will have full access to their information and can monitor the progress and status in their treasury operations right now.

Additionally, clients can request up-to-date reports on-demand so that they enjoy instant, transparent access to all elements of the outsourced operations.


Benefits in Outsourcing your treasury needs.


Cost Saving:

Balancing of having an in house treasury team to outsourcing to a cheaper jurisdiction with the same level of skills and infrastructure;

Technology changes:

Through outsourcing of treasury does not have to re-invest in technology as this will be dealt with by the outsourcing company;


Quality of staff dealt with by the contractor instead of managing same internally;

Independence of reporting:

The ability to hold client funds independently from corporate funds and report dealt with by an independent administrator;

Economies of Scale:

Ability to obtain better deposit or money market rates with banking institutions through an independent treasury management company.

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